Patient Stories

Charles Braverman M.Ac.: What his patients are saying…  

“Acupuncture has been able to help me with health problems that Western medicine was unable to touch.”

“When one of these bouts [of insomnia} comes on, (Charlie) quickly and painlessly resets my body clock so I can sleep normally and deeply the first night after treatment!”

“Since his acupuncture treatments, I have had a dramatic reduction of pain; I am off pain medication, and I’m not limping, even after working a 12 hour shift.”

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Non-Needle Techniques for Needle-Phobic Patient
ICU Nurse with Incapacitating Back Problem – Back to Work
Accelerated Healing for Abdominal Surgery and Whiplash
Recurring, Severe Insomnia: Resetting the Body Clock
Two Years of Shoulder Pain
Extreme Sports Take Their Toll
Six Months of Sciatica is Enough for a Lifetime
Pseudo-Gout: Calcium Deposits in the Knee
Life Altering Achilles Tendon Pain

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome:

The Pain and Symptoms are Gone and Have Not Returned
“I was referred to Charles Braverman from two other satisfied patients, however, I reluctantly considered treatment, not having much knowledge about Acupuncture. I have suffered from carpal tunnel pain in both hands in recent years, and was advised to have surgery after consultations with both a neurologist and orthopedist. I sought advice from alternative healers, and Charles as an acupuncturist in particular.

The treatment outcome I was seeking was relief from pain and the ability to gain better control of fine motor functions in my hand. I was very pleased with the outcome. After four sessions, I regained the control I was seeking, and a significant reduction in pain. My symptoms have not returned, for which I am most grateful. I appreciated the realistic treatment plan that was presented to me by Charles. I was not promised a cure, nor was I presented with the typical medical model of an imposed solution. I had not received such a through health history analysis from any other practitioner. I would be happy to chat with anyone who is considering Acupuncture and wants to discuss my treatment and results, simply have them contact me.”

T.I. [name available upon request]

No-needle Techniques for Needle-Phobic Patient

Sustained Pain Relief for Injured Shoulder / Anxiety Attacks Abated
“I had continuing pain and discomfort from a shoulder injury even after conventional physical therapy. I was not willing to go back to the orthopedic doctor with my complaints right away because I figured the only alternative he would give me was surgery.… I wanted to find an alternative method of relief. A friend had some good results in relieving tendonitis with Charlie Braverman’s acupuncture techniques, so I decide to give it a try, even though I’m needle-phobic.

Charlie has offered me alternatives to the needles, including electric stimulation. Although my shoulder may never be perfect, I’ve had great relief, enough to avoid any invasive alternative.

During the sessions, Charlie evaluates the whole individual. I brought up the fact that in the past I have had some problems with anxiety and panic attacks. I told him that I feel like they could rear their ugly head again at any time (anxiety about anxiety!!!). Charlie has used techniques, such as the electric stimulation and Zero Balance [bodywork], that … have staved off these distressful feelings.

I am grateful to have found this alternative to medication and/or surgery and I would suggest that anyone seeking relief in similar situations give it a try!!!! Charlie is a wonderful, compassionate individual and I look forward to every visit.”

[Name available upon request]

ICU Nurse with Incapacitating Back Problem …Back to Work

“I have been an ICU nurse for 12 years and my back problem was caused by many years of heavy lifting. My back involved pain, limping, and swelling. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis and for a while I was receiving spinal blocks for pain, but once they wore off I was in more pain and was left with limping and swelling in my left leg.

I often missed work and had to put aside activities I enjoyed, and spent days in bed. I was often sick from taking pain medications and muscle relaxants. This past winter I missed work often. I missed work the entire month of June, and was afraid I would end up on disability the rest of my life, as I am only 42.

Upon suggestions from my Dad and Husband, …I found Charles Braverman. I started back to work two weeks later.

Since his acupuncture treatments, I have had a dramatic reduction of pain; I am off pain medication. My leg is no longer swollen and I’m not limping, even after working a 12 hour shift. I am able to exercise again, I am working. I am gardening again, and have enjoyed taking my kids places this summer.

My parents, my husband and children have enjoyed seeing me get better. Its been along time since they have seen me do so well.

I am still receiving acupuncture, but my treatments have lessened, because of the improvement. I was a skeptic about this acupuncture at first, but I am so happy I sought this treatment, it works!!!!!!

If anyone has any questions about acupuncture or Charles Braverman’s skills and abilities, please contact me [name and email available upon request]. I would be happy to help others in the situation of pain and discomfort I was in for so very long.”

Carleen S.

Accelerated Healing from Abdominal Surgery, and Whiplash

Dear Charlie,

“You first won my confidence and appreciation for your acupuncture skills 3 years ago when I was suffering from a serious digestive illness. While it was not possible to avoid surgery for this condition, your treatments before and afterwards made my recovery significantly easier, and totally without complications. My surgeon still marvels at my quick and total recovery, and so do I.

You were caring and compassionate, and your gentle approach and commitment to my well-being were very important ingredients in getting me well.

Since then, I have come to you for other less serious conditions, and recently saw you following a whiplash injury. Before my first visit, I could barely turn my neck and was in a great deal of pain. By the end of the first treatment, I had very little pain and much greater mobility. Subsequent treatments returned me to my normal state.

I never hesitate to refer friends and acquaintances to you for acupuncture, with full confidence that they will be receiving THE BEST!”

Bonnie E.

Recurring, Severe Insomnia: Resetting the Body Clock

“Charles Braverman is an exceptional health care professional, in my opinion, both clinically and personally.

For ten years I have had recurring severe insomnia. When one of these bouts comes on, [Charlie] quickly and painlessly resets my body clock so I can sleep normally and deeply the first night after treatment!

Also, this summer for the first time I experienced anxiety and panic. I went to Charlie for treatment, and immediately after the treatment I was much calmer and felt 100% better.

I unequivocally recommend him and acupuncture for the treatment of health problems. Acupuncture has been able to help me with health problems that Western medicine was unable to touch.

I am more than willing to discuss my experiences with CB and acupuncture with anyone. Please ask Charles) for my contact information if you are interested. I truly admire CB’s medical abilities and caring.”

[Name available upon request]

2 Years of Shoulder Pain

“I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your help in getting my shoulder pain free and back to normal.  I am completely amazed at the improvement that I’ve experienced after only 3 treatments with you.”

It was suggested to me by a co-worker that I try acupuncture and I guess I felt it was a last resort. I injured it on Christmas day 2002 and since then have gone through a series of doctor visits, physical therapy and medications. I was unable to sleep through the night,  I would wake up 2-3 times from the shoulder pain.  My range of motion had improved, but there was still pain involved with certain movements.

After my very first treatment, I slept through the night and have continued to sleep well every night since.  My shoulder feels so much better and I’m very glad that I made the decision to give acupuncture a try. Thanks, again.”


Extreme Sports Take Their Toll

“Before I came to see Mr. Braverman at Albany Acupuncture, I was a mess of aches and pains. Job stress, a life of aggressive skating, mountain biking, hiking and the Army all did a serious job on my bones and joints. On top of that I work as a waiter in one of Albany’s most popular restaurants, so I’m running around all night when I work. All of that took a great toll on my body.
My girlfriend set me up with an appointment to see Mr. Braverman as a birthday gift. I was a bit skeptical and nervous since I’m a bit needle phobic. He took the time to not only ask, “where does it hurt?” but to ask me about my lifestyle past and present, any stress I’m under, my diet and my sleep habits. I feel he really wanted to understand me as a whole person rather than a symptom to be treated.

Using traditional acupuncture methods and some more modern techniques using mild electric currents, Mr. Braverman treated my chronic pains to the point where I only have to see him once a month. I’d love to come in more often, but it really isn’t necessary! I’m no longer nervous about the needles, I find them to be very relaxing. Almost to the point where I fall asleep during my visits!
I’m glad I came to see him. I feel more energized, less chronic pain and better in general. If you have any questions about his skill or bedside manner, email me [name and email available upon request].”

6 months of sciatica is enough for a lifetime

After more than 6 months of escalating sciatic-type pain, I sought out Charles as a last resort. After x-rays and multiple chiropractors had failed to get to the origin of the pain, I was faced with dreaded orthopedic or neurological intervention. That’s when I found Charles in the yellow pages. I had never received acupuncture treatment, but firmly believed in its potential benefits. Charles was very understanding and sympathetic obtaining a thorough history of my life and left leg pain. He developed a treatment plan that took the edge off my pain from the very first visit. Pain episodes diminished with follow up treatments. I then reached a point of about 80% improvement, but we could not resolve the last remaining piece. Charles did not give up on me and send me off in frustration. Instead he applied newly acquired treatment options, which ultimately got me pain-free. It was my good fortune to have my treatment conjunct with Charles’ efforts to continually expand of his practitioner skills. The benefits of multiple frequency electrical stimulation was unbelievable, and resolved that last bit of the pain puzzle. I have now lost my apprehension of the pain recurring.

I am firmly rooted in the need to treat our mind and bodies as an integrated unit when something is going wrong. Charles Braverman wholeheartedly supports that premise and applies an intelligent, kind expertise to help his patients. He’s a grade A in my book!

June 21, 2004

Pseudo-Gout: Calcium Deposits in the Knee

I went to Mr. Braverman for teatment of knee pain caused by the form of arthritis called pseudogout which produces calcium deposits in joints. Pain avoidance left me with a serious limp. Improvement was evident following the first treatment and, with the exception of one reversal, continued until by the 6th treatment I was able once again to take walks, was nearly pain-free and my limp was barely noticeable. The acupuncture treatments have made a huge and very positive difference in my life.


Life-Altering Achilles Tendon Pain

I was wearing a doctor-ordered ankle brace 23 hours a day when I decided to try acupuncture.

After 8 months of life-altering tendinitis pain and multiple attempts of traditional medical treatments without positive results, I was skeptical at first, but I quickly became enlightened to the benefits of acupuncture after experiencing relief in a few short weeks.  Charlie’s careful and thorough approach, professionalism, and sincere desire to find solutions contributed greatly to the success of my acupuncture treatments.  I am fortunate to have “found” acupuncture and Charlie Braverman!  It is a relief to know I can finally live my life the way I want instead of giving into the pain that the medical community said would be a permanent, unsolvable problem.

Thank you, Charlie.